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Founding Members


Aarush Prasad

CEO & Co-Founder

I am a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore in the pre-med track. I co-founded STEMVision Inc when I was a junior at King High School in Tampa, FL. I have been an active participant and volunteer at North South Foundation, and last year, I taught SAT Math to students across the US. From a very young age, I participated in various math, science, and robotics competitions both at school and outside of school. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, traveling, watching TV, and playing piano.

Arko 2.jpg

Arko Ghosh

CEO & Co-Founder

I am a Freshman at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. I co-founded STEMVision Inc when I was a sophomore at King High School in Tampa, FL. I am passionate about robotics & engineering, mathematics & technology, playing the trumpet in the King Lion Marching Band, and playing soccer. I have been participating in Robotics since I was in third grade. You might have seen me teaching in the robotics camps at FLATE, Python Programming, or math courses.

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USA Team



Anika Prasad

Director of Resources

I am a sophomore at Strawberry Crest High School in Dover, FL.  I joined the team when I was in 8th grade at Benito Middle School in Tampa, FL. I am passionate about math, science, and robotics. I enjoyed doing FLL and now I am part of an FTC team. In my free time I enjoy doing art, dance, and piano. I love reading, having fun with my friends, and making new friends. Last summer, I actively volunteered at Feeding Tampa Bay and experienced the joy of giving back to the community.


Emily Baker

Director of Marketing

I am a senior at Wharton High School in Tampa, FL. I joined the team in 11th grade. I take an Honors program with Advanced Placement classes. I am also dual enrolled at Hillsborough Community College. I enjoy math, debate, and involve in student congress where I have qualified for super congress and grand finals. I participate as a mentor to upcoming congress members. With my passion for music, I have played and performed at live venues with my band "Black November" for the last 6 years as a drummer, guitarist and singer. I have an interest in mentoring and helping little kids.


Megha Manoj

Director of Program

I am a senior in the IB program at King High School in Tampa, FL. I enjoy studying math, science, and anything STEM related. In my free time I like to draw, bake, and work on my DIY projects. I also love to dance and play the piano. Recently, I joined the FTC team at King in hopes to strengthen my skills in programming and CAD. I look forward to teaching at STEMVision!


Jon Santmyer

Director of Information Technology

I am a senior at Bell Creek Academy High School in Riverview, FL. I am passionate about artificial intelligence, math, and computer technology. I've been learning software development since I was 10 years old, and am excited to teach what I've learned throughout that journey. My main focus is on low level languages, like C and Assembly, but I also like to work with Java, C++, and Python.


David Sabastian

Director of Content Development

I am David Sebastian, a senior at King High School, Tampa, FL. I enjoy robotics and STEM. I also enjoy gaming, origami, guitar, and tennis. This will be my first time tutoring, but I have worked with younger kids before at volunteering events. I'm excited to be a part of STEMVision!



Aruna Harpalani

Director of Development

I am a 8th grader studying at Oliveira Elementary School in Fremont, CA (in the SF Bay Area) and I am excited to bring my writing and speaking skills to STEMVision! I am interested in politics, teaching, public speaking, and science. In my spare time, you'd probably find me reading books, writing stories, reading and mulling over the news, or (let's be honest here) browsing the internet. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher or a lawyer.



Nandini Iyer

Director of Communication

I am a Senior at Mayo High School in Rochester, MN. I am passionate about science and technology and playing tennis for the Mayo High School team. I have participated in First Lego League for three years and have competed in the Science Olympiad for Friedell Middle School for the past three years. I have also competed in the Technovation Girls competition for the past 2 years, coding apps to help the community. I wish to promote and advance my passion for the sciences among the student community across the globe.


Isha Kapoor

Director of Operations

I am a senior at Mayo High School in Rochester, MN. I enjoy studying political science, biology, math, and social sciences. Parallel to my academic pursuits, my passions include debate, volunteering, playing the piano, and dance. Over the last three years, I participated in Science Olympiad competitions representing Friedell Middle School, and competed in Anatomy, Heredity, and Experimental Design events. I was also a member of the Friedell Middle School MathCounts and Math Masters teams. I am eager to share my knowledge with others, as well as enhance my own understanding of topics in the STEM fields. 

France Team

Camille Frank


Co-President, France Operations

I am a 12th grader at Institut Epin in the Paris region in France. I teach English and Maths to younger students here in France. I completed an internship in a Robotics lab at Epita, an IT school near Paris. I play guitar and enjoy all types of music, from blues and folk to metal. I love sports as well and I played basketball for 4 years. I enjoy watching baseball, soccer, football, and tennis. I also like debates, especially about politics. My dream is to become an astrophysicist. With my teaching passion, I plan to conduct Maths and Physics webinars to French students, and teach French to American students!

Yacob Zitouni


Co-President, France Operations

I am in 12th grade at Institut EPIN near Paris in France. I have always loved IT, so I’m
looking forward to helping our student community with my skills. I have already developed dynamic websites with Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These high level languages are my favorite playgrounds. My other passion linked to IT is the operating system Linux. I have also experimented with robotics. Besides that, I’ve been playing volleyball for 7 years and badminton for 4 years. I enjoy everything that involves science, video-games, and technology.

India Team

Ayush pic.jpg

Ayush Gupta

Co-President, India Operations

I am a 12th grader at Delhi Public School, Agra, India. I am majoring in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Academically I have won several accolades and with my passion for Astronomy, Cosmology, and Mathematics I participate in several  of these competitions. My aim is to get into the Indian Institute of Technology, India's most prestigious engineering institute. In my spare time I like to play cricket, watch movies, and read novels.


Devanshu Gupta

Co-President, India Operations

I am in 12th grade at Mount Litera Zee School, Etawah, India. As I hail for a small town in northern India, my competitive exposure and resources are restricted. But I am fortunate to have a supportive family and a good schooling. Mathematics is my core subject, but I enjoy learning different concepts in Physics and Chemistry too. My favorite pass time is to explore more and more about our earth and space. My dream is to crack the entrance exam for Indian Institute of Technology.


Swarnima Prasad

Vice President, India Operations

I am an 11th grader at Delhi Public School, New Delhi, India. I have keen interest in Mathematics as well as Computer Science. I have completed my course of Ucmas  (abacus) and achieved several laurels in Mental Mathematics competitions. I am a passionate artist and very intrigued about graphic design. My paintings have been published in newspapers, magazines, and displayed in exhibitions. Swimming and badminton are some of my other hobbies, and I usually volunteer at old age home.


Abhishil Prasad

Director of Marketing, India Operations

I am in 9th grade at Delhi Public School, New Delhi, India. I have won a number of prizes in various Olympiads ranging from merit certificates to medals. Currently my focus is to excel in my 10th grade board exam and become the state topper. With my ardent interest in Computer Science I have learnt several programming languages like visual basic, C++, CSS, C. My hobbies are to play video games, do trick shots, and to play guitar.

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