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We are a non-profit organization involved in empowering global learners in STEM education. We roll up our sleeves, donating our time and knowledge to teach STEM skills to ensure that our communities can be better prepared to meet the challenges of our global workforce. We do this every day because STEM academics are in the frontier of innovation and we want to be the trailblazers for our generation - every day. We guide learners in Mathcounts, Math Analysis, Science, Programming, and Robotics that helps to nurture passion, strength, and critical thinking in STEM education. In addition, we offer free webinars and live practice sessions, instructional supplemental resources, and support for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.


To provide free STEM educational support to a diverse community of global learners with accessible STEM opportunities to foster success for all. Together, we will build a strong STEM community that engages and supports students in their learning experiences, leading to academic excellence for the pursuit of higher degrees and lifelong learning. 

Our vision is a STEM world without any disparity, where the world's workforce can easily support the growing global digital economy.

How We Started?

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the tiring uncertain period of stay at home, it is essential to follow the guidelines and keep ourselves as well as our community safe. Studies on social isolation have demonstrated that human beings are social animals and a lack of social relationships negatively impacts the development of the brain's structure. Also, social distancing, no school, and no extracurricular activities may seem boring, so with our passion in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics our team brought together the student community with free fun-filled online STEM activities. STEMVision actively associated with students K-12 through free online sessions for Analytical Math, Mathcounts, AMC-8, and Python Programming. To keep our community, as well as ourselves healthy and active, we initiated several free STEM activities. It was the best way to keep our brain and body healthy while being at home during this fluid time.

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