Meeting with Hillsborough Education Foundation

STEMVision is so thankful to Mr. Paul Casebolt, Chief Programs Officer at Hillsborough Education Foundation for having a virtual meeting with us today and giving us the opportunity to talk about our organization and to deliver our presentation. We got full support, and a lot of encouragement from him. Our team is looking forward for further partnership and connections with Hillsborough Education Foundation that strives to build a better community to positively impact the lives of individual teachers and students, regardless of background or economic status. This collaboration is really pivotal to our initial success, as we share the same mission and with their help we will be able to reach out to a much diverse and broader audience in and around Hillsborough county. To find more info about Hillsborough Education Foundation click here.


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Another successful Science session for grades 3-5 in progress. Today they are exploring and learning all about Climate and Weather! Also, students will enjoy the fun-filled Kahoot.

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