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Completion of June Webinars

We had an incredible time at our June STEMVision sessions. Each week in June boasted a different discovery step for the learners. We had Python, AMC-8, Mathcounts, Analytical Math, and EV3 programming sessions with a total 474 registered students.

We started the month exploring the basics and reviewed our existing knowledge. In two weeks, we dove into new segments that helped our learners gain newer understanding and discovering the depths of knowledge. The third week was a Segway into higher knowledge skills where our learners became STEM investigators, solving complex problems in math and creating short programs. Our final week blasted off into higher order understanding and building the confidence. As facilitators, we were proud to see our learners engage in scintillating science, ask critical questions, and develop a fantastic way to build upon an already established love of STEM.


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