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July Sessions Update

Registrations are closed.

Email has been sent to students registered for Chemistry Grade 6-8, Java Grade 6-9, Python Programming Grade 5-8, Science for Fun Grade K-2, and Biology Grade 6-8.

Math for Fun Grade K-2 registered students will receive confirmation email in a couple of days.

STEMVision cannot provide any material or support if a child skips a class.

Programming in Python, Analytical Math, AMC-8 and Mathcounts on-line sessions by STEMVision

Spring 2020 Newsletter

STEMVision Inc.

Empowering the Next Generation in STEM


To provide free STEM educational support to a diverse community of global learners with accessible STEM opportunities to foster success for all. Together, we will build a strong STEM community that engages and supports students in their learning experiences, leading to academic excellence for the pursuit of higher degrees and lifelong learning. 

Our vision is a STEM world without any disparity, where the world's workforce can easily support the growing global digital economy.

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with my son. Your thought is greatly appreciated.... "

- Bhukya Family



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